How Helices Skincare was born in 2019!

We are a couple that after completing our university studies at the Sapienza University of Rome, decided to move to a small village in the uncontaminated area of the Pollino National Park to rediscover and restore our contact with nature.

During our journey in Basilicata we gained experience in the field of cultivation and processing of medicinal plants, and the formulation of supplements and cosmetics. We established a series of important professional collaborations with various companies that have operated in the industry for decades who are nationally recognized and established. We develop amazing working relationships but also wonderful friendships.

With the arrival of our children we decided to change life again and to explore new worlds and face new challenges. Our journey that began in Rome and continued in the Pollino National Park has now brought us to the beautiful and fascinating Australia.

In Australia we continued to work in the world of cosmetics and nutraceutical products and immediately realized the complexity of the Australian market, which has some of the world’s highest quality standards. 

Our constant pursuit of excellence and new experiences brought us to a new challenges, a new journey …  to apply the skills and knowledge gained whilst working in Europe and create a line of skin care products made in Italy for the Australian market. 

While working with many ingredients to formulate our products, one in particular  fascinated us : snail mucin !!! 

Used since the times of ancient Greece, Hippocrates used snail mucin for its decongestant properties and anti-inflammatory agents to soothe skin irritations and inflammations.

As the business progresses, we begin to travel between Italy and Australia, we came into contact with a company that breeds its snails right in the Pollino National Park…. Our Italian back yard!

Hypnotized by the love and care that the owner pours into the breeding of her snails, we begin a collaboration involving several laboratories of research and processing companies that lead us to the creation of the SMP “Snail Mucin Properties” Which is the term used to identify the properties of the snail mucin and thanks to integrated breeding methods and transformation,  it allows the SMP to maintain the originality of the mucin.

At this point the challenge was to import our creams with this vital ingredient ( SMP)  into a particular market like Australia, with very high quality standards. 

The challenge was won and the Helices Skincare brand was born !!!

Now the journey would seem to have ended but in reality we must never stop traveling because…..

“You start dying slowly
if you do not travel,
if you do not read,
If you do not listen to the sounds of life,
If you do not appreciate yourself.’’

Taken from Die slowly―by  Martha Medeiros

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