Behind our Helices Skincare products there is not just high quality and an affordable price tag; there is also all of our team members that follow step by step the production; from the field to the finished product.

There is the experience of the farmers who grow our herbs and take care of our snails, there is our technical team members who choose each ingredient carefully and study every formula to have the best product possible. There is a R&D team that test the products ensuring that our quality is of the highest standards.

And there is also a person, like me, who tells our story and how our dream became idea and how that idea became HELICES SKINCARE!!!

“It’s difficult to explain the meaning of “Made in Italy” in just a few words. 

… I believe that it is the title of a story. The story of my father and of hundreds of other fathers.

The story of someone who falls in love with a trade or craft; of those who invented the craft; of those who have sacrificed everything for the sake of an idea; of those who have learned to respect they quality of the materials; of those who dedicate their free time to their craft and who have always strived to be better, be perfect, and who will never be satisfied with what they have done. The story of those who realize the importance of giving the next generations (their children) as many opportunities as possible to succeed in life. 

“Made in Italy” means all this and so much more. It means that people say, “I believe in this.”  “I made this for you.” and “This is what I know how to do best.” (Cit. A. Zambon).